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Check out the Voices of The Wakarusa Wetlands

Dr. Daniel Wildcat from Voices of the Wakarusa Wetlands on Vimeo. Also check out their facebook page. They are in the middle of doing another series of videos that they are posting on people’s thoughts and feelings about the Wakarusa Wetlands also know as the Baker-Haskell Wetlands. Here’s the link: www.facebook.com/voicesofthewakarusawetlands

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Why Occupy the Wakarusa Wetlands?!

The City of Lawrence wants to build the South Lawrence Trafficway right through the Wakarusa Wetlands destroying great swaths of the wetlands and bisecting who knows how many wild animals environment. Just so the good people of Lawrence can shave a few minutes off their daily commute. So what’s so important about this land that […]

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Concert for the Climate is this Saturday September 28th 11am – 6pm

 This Saturday (September 28th), the Project of Heartland Renewable Energy Society is sponsoring a FREE concert/action from 11am – 6pm at the Kaw Point Riverfront Park. The event has two stages for speakers and bands, a pavilion for workshops on energy conservancy and solar energy, among others, a children’s activity area, and another area for […]

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Over 100 protesters came together for the Draw the Line action this weekend

This action took place down near the City Market and then marched across the Town of Kansas bridge, then down to the edge of the Missouri River and along the shore for about a half mile or so. The protesters came to speak out about the Keystone XL pipeline being built across the U.S. to […]

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