Stand Up KC Rally & March for the fast food and retail workers

July 30th, 2013 – The rally started at Gilham Park at 41st & Gilham Road with a BBQ and speakers from the NAACP, Union members, fast food workers telling their personal stories and Missouri state Rep. Judy Morgan among others. Then the protesters marched from the park to a Jimmy John’s location at 39th & Broadway (where the above video was shot). This is part of a national movement happening in cities all across the U.S. People fighting for a living wage for fast food and retail workers and an union for the people who work in this industry. This is part of one of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. right now (the hospitality sector has added 75,000 workers in June) and a work sector that has always gotten shafted. Take McDonald’s as an example, CEO Don Thompson made $13.8 million last year while most of his employees live below or just at the poverty line… in some cases while working two jobs! McDonald’s has tried to help it’s employees with tips on how to live on the meager pay, but no offer to pay a fair wage. If the minimum wage had kept up with the rate of inflation in the last 40 years it would be $10.75/hr instead of the $7.35/hr in Missouri and the $7.25/hr in Kansas. We are over 30% below what the minimum wage should be here in the Kansas City area. Even if they did raise the wage to that, people would still not be able to live a decent, respectable life on it, because none of these companies are willing to hire someone full-time. So they were talking about $15 an hour and an union. The Greed in the Corporate suite is still destroying the middle class. WE NEED THE UNIONS BACK!

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