Peaceworks protests Whiteman Air Force Base on November 17th

The question is blowing in the wind…
While remembering the 50 year old loss of JFK in 1963, protesters revisited Whiteman AFB’s Spirit Gate on Sunday November 17th. At the entrance to militarism and drone activity, Mark Kenney, Brian Terrell and Ron Faust were arrested in 2012 for refusing to leave the base when ordered to do so. Faust, along with a group of windblown peace activists gathered again to oppose drone warfare. Bracing against 35 mph winds and trying to hold on to signs for passing traffic to see, we sang peace songs such as “Blowing in the wWind” to Tamara Severns’ guitar accompaniment. Fifteen people and two dogs held three police and one MP in captive audience.

Our youngest protester, Gina Coffman remembered Kathy Kelly at Last year’s Trifecta Resista at the base, where guards, dressed in riot gear, formed an intimidating line as peaceful resisters crossed and were arrested. At that time Kelly shared about her Afghanistan experience and how innocent children were victims of drone warfare. “Sent mostly to surveil ‘terrorist activity’ in the middle east… more and more weaponized drones have been deployed, killing an estimated 2500-3500 people to date (United for Peace and Justice)

At Sunday’s rally, Henry Stoever, of PWKC, spoke about how these victims have no “day in court,” no defense, no warning. Bob Francis, a former military Chaplain, told the rally about how he candidly spoke for peace while in the military. He shared how his most difficult assignment was telling military families their loved ones would not be coming home!

Sponsors of the rally were Peaceworks KC, Loretto Peace Network, AFSC, and Catholic Worker in KC and Columbia, MO. The question remains, how will we control these remote controlled killers? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer…
Guest Blogger – Lu Mountenay    Photo – Tamara Severns
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