National Socialist Movement show their Hate in Kansas City today November 9th

National Socialist Movement member tears a Jewish prayer shawl (Tallit) down the middle while protesters shout and boo. Then another NSM steps on it and kicks it. All at today’s rally in downtown Kansas City in front of the Jackson County Courthouse.

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Make No Hate a trend in Kansas City this Nov. 9th

This saturday November 9th from 3pm-5pm at the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, the National Socialist Movement is going to be holding a “Pro-White Rights” rally. The organizer, Buddy Rumble, is promising over a thousand people to attend the rally and has reached out to the local KKK clans and supposedly an aryan-nation motorcycle gang called the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club. This neo-nazi group has chosen November 9th to hold their rally in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, where the Nazi troops performed coordinated attacks on the Jewish people throughout Germany and parts of Austria in one night.

There are several groups who are now organizing counter-ralleys in Kansas City in response to the neo-nazi rally. Some simultaneously at the same time down at the courthouse on November 9th and at least one which is going to be held at the same time as the neo-nazi rally November 9th from 3pm-5pm at the Liberty Memorial to show their disapproval while also hoping to take away some of the spotlight from the courthouse seen. Let’s cover what happens across Kansas City this Saturday whether your going to the counter-protests down at the courthouse or the counter-ralley up at the Liberty Memorial, so everyone can see. Tweet your views either through text or photo and use hashtag #NO2H8KC (No to Hate KC) this saturday so there easy to find and lets see if we can make No Hate a trend in Kansas City this November 9th.

Below are links to the various counter-ralleys:

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This sunday Nov. 10th is AFSC’s final display of their “Eyes Wide Open” exhibit

This sunday November 10th American Friend Service Committee is having a final display of their “Eyes Wide Open” exhibit from 2pm to 3:30pm at Mill Creek Park, 47th Street and Main. This memorial exhibit includes over 200 combat boots tagged with the names of Missouri and Kansas troops and shoes tagged with the names of Iraqi and Afghan civilians¬†killed in the Iraq and Afghan Wars. Since 2006 this exhibit has been on display in dozens of colleges and universities, houses of worship, parks and other venues. This is the final exhibit because later on Sunday Nov. 10th from 4:30pm to 5:30pm AFSC will be doing their next action called “Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares: Boot Distribution” where they give the boots and shoes from the exhibit to the homeless of Kansas City. “We call upon our elected officials to follow our example. Just as we are turning our symbols of war – combat boots – into resources that will keep homeless Kansas Citians’ feet dry and warn this winter, we call upon our leaders to turn our wasteful pentagon budget into the investments we desperately need to improve the lives of our citizens…”

Tune into Mic Check on 90.1FM KKFI this Tuesday Nov. 5th at 6pm as we interview Ira Harritt of AFSC and hear more about this great exhibit and action.

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Check out the Voices of The Wakarusa Wetlands

Dr. Daniel Wildcat from Voices of the Wakarusa Wetlands on Vimeo.

Also check out their facebook page. They are in the middle of doing another series of videos that they are posting on people’s thoughts and feelings about the Wakarusa Wetlands also know as the Baker-Haskell Wetlands. Here’s the link:¬†

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Why Occupy the Wakarusa Wetlands?!

creative commons photo from wikipedia

creative commons photo from wikipedia

The City of Lawrence wants to build the South Lawrence Trafficway right through the Wakarusa Wetlands destroying great swaths of the wetlands and bisecting who knows how many wild animals environment. Just so the good people of Lawrence can shave a few minutes off their daily commute. So what’s so important about this land that we should stand in the way of “progress”. Let me tell you.
The Haskell-Baker Wetlands or Wakarusa Wetlands is a nature preserve spanning almost 640 acres just south of Lawrence, Kansas. In 1969 the wetlands were declared a National Natural Landmark. There are only 5 such areas in the state of Kansas with this distinction. These wetlands are home to 471 documented vascular plants, 254 species of bird and another 61 vertebrates besides the before mentioned birds. This includes one endangered species of bird called the Least Tern.
If that is not enough for you that this trafficway will be extremely damaging to this delicate ecosystem lets not forget that this land is also an important historic and sacred site for Native Americans from all over the nation. In the late 1800s after the end of the U.S. Indian Treaty Negotiations the U.S. government began policies to “civilize” the American Indian population. One of these policies was to remove American Indian children from their families and move them to far off boarding schools where they would be taught in the European ways and severely disciplined for trying to keep up any of their traditions, such as speaking their native language. The Haskell school was one of the first of these Indian boarding schools opened back in 1884. The school was built in the wetlands because the local farmers had no use for the area. This school’s goal was to “kill the indian and save the man”. The students used parts of the wetlands to secretly perform ceremonies, pray, commune with nature and even bury their fellow students who died at the harsh boarding school making these wetlands an Indian burial ground.
So I say we should help Occupy the Wakarusa Wetlands this weekend October 25-27. It is the least we can do to stand in the way of the bull dozers set to destroy these important lands. For more information go to the following links:

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Free screening of “Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve” at UMKC Monday Oct. 21st 5pm

UMKC is holding a FREE screening of award-winning documentary “Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve” Monday Oct. 21st at 5pm in the student union theater. The address is 5100 Cherry St., Kansas City, MO. The director, Jim Bruce along with economic professors Bill Black (who is in the movie), Stephanie Kelton and Randall Wray will be there to do a Q&A after the film. For information go to:

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