Kansas City ranks 60th in U.S. economic mobility study

Map is from the Equality of Opportunity Project

Map is from the Equality of Opportunity Project

According to a new Harvard University study called the Equality of Opportunity Project geography plays a huge roll in people’s ability to move up the economic ladder in the U.S. Part of the study crunched the numbers to determine what percent of children born in families of the bottom 20% of household incomes were able to reach the top 20% of household incomes by the age of 30. The study considered any household that brings in a combined annual salary of $70,000 or more is considered top 20%. In Kansas City 5.6% of people were able to go from the bottom 20% to the top 20% making KC the 60th most economically mobile metropolitan area out of the 100 researched. St. Louis came in 84th at 5.6% and Des Moines came in 6th at 11.1%. Cities with percentages like Des Moines rank as highly as the most economically mobile countries in the world, while cities like Memphis who came in dead last at 2.6% are below any industrial nation in the world. For a more detailed look at the study got to http://www.equality-of-opportunity.org/ and to look at where you and your own family fit in this study The New York Times created several interactive maps and charts at their site.

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