Governor Nixon’s Veto over tax cut for the wealthy stands

Yesterday was Missouri’s Big “veto override” session. The republicans were trying to bolster enough support to override 30+ vetoes that Democrat Governor Jay Nixon entered in 2013. One of the biggest was $800 million income tax cut for the wealthy which the GOP said was needed to attract “Job Creators” to the state of Missouri. They need 105 yes votes in the house to override the veto. They got only 94. The other bill that received a lot of press was a Gun law which would nullify some federal gun laws in Missouri and would have had state police arresting federal officers who tried to enforce national gun laws in the state. The misdemeanor would come with a $1,000 fine and up to a year jail sentence. This override also failed. The republicans did win a record breaking 10 veto overrides over Gov. Jay Nixon. Here’s a couple of bills the republicans unfortunately got passed yesterday:
• A bill doubling the maximum fees that payday, title and consumer installment loans can charge to customers
• another bill allowing up to 1% of Missouri’s agricultural land to be foreign-owned (It’s was strictly prohibited before)
Here’s the worst one. A bill that caps how much money Doe Run Corporation can be held liable for in lawsuits about lead contamination. The cap will now be set to $2.5 million a lawsuit. There is a lawsuit against Doe Run for the lead poisoning of children in Herculaneum, Mo. where the jury previously found Doe Run guilty of contamination and gave the defendants a $358 million settlement. Doe Run appealed the case and that case is due to reopen later this year. House Speaker Tim Jones called this a big win for jobs in the state of missouri because Doe Run didn’t know if they would be able to stay in Missouri if they couldn’t contain their liabilities in all these lawsuits that were being filed against them. Doe Run also runs another Lead mining/smelting operation in La Oroya Peru, which is considered to be one of the ten most toxic places in the world according to the Blacksmith Institute. (Stay tuned I’m going to write more about this one.)

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