Favorite #no2h8kc tweets from the NSM Rally in Kansas City November 9th

It was good to see the Neo-Nazis outnumbered about 10 to 1 at their own national rally, which unfortunately they had decided to have here in Kansas City this year. (I’m guessing they won’t be doing that again anytime soon.) The National Socialist Movement’s show of force amounted to about 3 dozen people who showed up over a half an hour late. The counter rally was around 350+ people which about 100+ showed up an hour early, not to mention there was another counter rally being held at Liberty Memorial which I heard was almost as big. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the #no2h8kc hashtag.

Aimee P2 CaptKristin_CaptSummer_AdairJamesRedberry35 NazisAnarchist CaptJewish_Prayer_CircleWhite_Flour
And here is a tweet showing the size of the crowd at the Liberty Memorial counter rally.


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