Nine civil resisters to put nuclear weapons on trial Dec. 13 at 1:30 pm

Join civil resisters on Friday, Dec. 13, at their Municipal Court trial in KC, Mo. The nine defendants were among 24 line-crossers July 13 at KC’s new nuclear weapons parts plant, which Honeywell will manage at Botts Road and Mo. Hwy. 150. At the courthouse entry at 12:45 pm on Dec. 13, the defendants will each make a statement before stepping through a door marked, “Open the door to a nuclear-weapons-free future!” In court, they will say why they oppose nuclear weapons, why they’re working to free the Earth from these WMDs. Specifics:

Noon rally at a restaurant west of 11th and Oak, KCMO—light lunch, then a march past City Hall to Municipal Court between 12:30 and 12:45 pm.

1:30 pm trial, Courtroom B, with Judge Ardie Bland

Defendants: Local resisters Cele Breen (a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth), Lauren Logan, Jane Stoever, Georgia Walker; other resisters Carl Kabat, OMI, of St. Louis; Bill “Bix” Bichsel, SJ, of Tacoma, Wash.; Betsy Keenan of Lamoy, Iowa; Janice Sevre-Duszynska of Lexington, Ky.; and Jerry Zawada, OFM, of Burlington, Wis.

New nuclear weapons parts plant, to be fully operational by Spring 2014.

Among the defendants, Lauren Logan spent more than 24 hours in a holding cell July 13-14 before being released. An administrative specialist in integrated communications for the Community of Christ, based in Independence, Mo., Lauren says she will plead not guilty by reason of sanity. Every creature is by nature loving, peaceful, oriented to community, says Lauren. The new plant will contribute to the destruction of our environment and of people, and therefore is illegal, she says. “We are law-abiding. We shouldn’t be criminalized or punished” for objecting to the plant. She is Buddhist, and the Buddhist beliefs in the sanctity of each living being and in opposition to violence are basic to all world religions, she says.

Another defendant, Georgia Walker, is a community organizer helping provide homes to the homeless and build understanding among midtown KCMO apartment residents. Georgia says the word “trespassing” usually involves laws to protect property, and the line-crossers did no damage to the land and had no weapons. “I am outraged,” she says, that the city of Kansas City arranged for the acquisition of the property, a good beanfield, and now it has five buildings on it for making WMD parts. Two of Georgia’s aunts worked for the IRS at Bannister Federal Complex, home to the current KC Plant, and the family believes their deaths from cancer at ages 62 and 63 were caused by exposure to contaminants from the KC Plant, which has made parts for nuclear weapons since 1949 at the complex.

Defendant Cele Breen says that since she’s a native of Kansas City, what KC does matters to her. Her father was a patriot—her Dad went to World War I and served under Capt. Harry Truman, Truman asked Cele’s Dad and others in Battery D to walk beside his car in the celebration of his election, and Truman came to her Dad’s funeral. Cele remembers how shocked she was to find out that the Japanese wanted to surrender earlier in the summer of 1945, but Truman wanted to test the bomb and proceeded with doing that, as shown in the movie “The Hidden Bomb.” Cele says that during the trial, she plans to refer to the word “property” in the municipal ordinance and discuss the city’s approval of plans that financed the new nuclear weapons plant.

Defendant Janice Sevre-Duszynska reflects, “We come from the Holy Mystery, from our Loving God who is about abundance and blessing, not suffering. We are to make life-giving choices, not those that bring about suffering to ourselves and others. To act otherwise is blasphemous of the Spirit that lives through us. We are making so-called security our idolatry … and it is insatiable. We are contaminating our Holy Mother Earth, causing suffering and death from cancer and the breakdown of the body from the handling of these chemicals. We are also taking away from our community and federal budgets the funds needed by the people in their communities. Again, this weapons plant brings death and suffering.”

Defendant Betsy Keenan says that since the end of the cold war and the moratorium on nuclear explosive testing, the KC Plant’s mission has shifted from making and procuring parts for new nuclear weapons to supplying new components for current weapons in support of their “life extension programs.” In contrast, says Keenan, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is calling for people everywhere to open the door to a nuclear-weapons-free world.  The defendants symbolically stepped through that door July 13, into territory controlled by the National Nuclear Security Administration and operated by Honeywell for the death-dealing work of nuclear destruction. On Dec. 13, the defendants will call for disarming these ecocidal weapons and creating healthy, worthwhile alternatives, says Keenan. “We will take the call from the street to the courtroom. I grieve that the nation I live in is the only nation to have used these weapons in war, and has not repented. It seemed fitting to me—since these weapons are being enabled and their “life extended” relatively close to my Catholic Worker home in southern Iowa—that I should join in this effort to open the door to a new, safer world, by opposing the KC Plant.”

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Local activists start website for transgender acceptance

the face of trans
The Face of Trans* is a grassroots social awareness project launched in April 2013 with the goal of bridging the gap between trans* and cisgender communities in the greater Wichita, Kansas area. We hope to fill this gap with education, resources, and by fostering a sense of community.
Checkout their website at

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Fast food workers and Stand Up KC protest again today Dec. 5th

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Peaceworks protests Whiteman Air Force Base on November 17th

The question is blowing in the wind…
While remembering the 50 year old loss of JFK in 1963, protesters revisited Whiteman AFB’s Spirit Gate on Sunday November 17th. At the entrance to militarism and drone activity, Mark Kenney, Brian Terrell and Ron Faust were arrested in 2012 for refusing to leave the base when ordered to do so. Faust, along with a group of windblown peace activists gathered again to oppose drone warfare. Bracing against 35 mph winds and trying to hold on to signs for passing traffic to see, we sang peace songs such as “Blowing in the wWind” to Tamara Severns’ guitar accompaniment. Fifteen people and two dogs held three police and one MP in captive audience.

Our youngest protester, Gina Coffman remembered Kathy Kelly at Last year’s Trifecta Resista at the base, where guards, dressed in riot gear, formed an intimidating line as peaceful resisters crossed and were arrested. At that time Kelly shared about her Afghanistan experience and how innocent children were victims of drone warfare. “Sent mostly to surveil ‘terrorist activity’ in the middle east… more and more weaponized drones have been deployed, killing an estimated 2500-3500 people to date (United for Peace and Justice)

At Sunday’s rally, Henry Stoever, of PWKC, spoke about how these victims have no “day in court,” no defense, no warning. Bob Francis, a former military Chaplain, told the rally about how he candidly spoke for peace while in the military. He shared how his most difficult assignment was telling military families their loved ones would not be coming home!

Sponsors of the rally were Peaceworks KC, Loretto Peace Network, AFSC, and Catholic Worker in KC and Columbia, MO. The question remains, how will we control these remote controlled killers? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer…
Guest Blogger – Lu Mountenay    Photo – Tamara Severns
to find out more about Peaceworks KC go to:

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AFSC’s final display of Eyes Wide Open & Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares recap

Eyes Wide Open Missouri
This past Sunday November 10th, AFSC did their final display of “Eyes Wide Open” (the Kansas & Missouri boots) at the Mill Creek Park. It consisted of over 200 combat boots representing the soldiers who died from Missouri and Kansas in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and shoes to represent the civilians who also died during these wars. A few hours after the display AFSC with help from Vets for Peace, IVAW and Artists Helping the Homeless held a dinner for the homeless and then they did the Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares action where they distributed the boots to the homeless. Nearly 100 homeless received boots to help keep them warm during the oncoming winter. The remaining boots will be distributed to the homeless and others in need by the Frank Williams Outreach – Wyandotte Center in KCK and the Salvation Army in KCMO.

Pvt Lucas Bragg BootsRashid ShoesPFC Jeremy Shank

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Favorite #no2h8kc tweets from the NSM Rally in Kansas City November 9th

It was good to see the Neo-Nazis outnumbered about 10 to 1 at their own national rally, which unfortunately they had decided to have here in Kansas City this year. (I’m guessing they won’t be doing that again anytime soon.) The National Socialist Movement’s show of force amounted to about 3 dozen people who showed up over a half an hour late. The counter rally was around 350+ people which about 100+ showed up an hour early, not to mention there was another counter rally being held at Liberty Memorial which I heard was almost as big. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the #no2h8kc hashtag.

Aimee P2 CaptKristin_CaptSummer_AdairJamesRedberry35 NazisAnarchist CaptJewish_Prayer_CircleWhite_Flour
And here is a tweet showing the size of the crowd at the Liberty Memorial counter rally.


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